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I am 36 years old and live in uk and I am in to the music scene love it so much that I have set up a music affiliate website selling on-line all type of instruments and DJ equipments through Amazon on-line website.

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3 months goal

As it is the end of my WA course, I would like to set up a 3 months goal to complete my website work. As stated per my post, I would look through all my posts and make it in short and clear for building a communication bridge between my website and on-line shoppers.

I will add more details about guitars and create a beautiful sound by fret and string at a background from an acoustic guitar bringing a simple and sweet note to all my shoppers to make all of them enjoy shopping on my website and searching for their favourite guitars.

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Future Plan – my website

Looking for the future on my website Themusicgear.com, I am excited about it as the improvement and development will be beneficial for my on-line selling business. Here are some ideas I would like to share with all of you;

  • Add YouTube videos to show how to set up electric guitars.

  • Add some music players for people to choose to listen while shopping guitars on my website.

My favourite brand is Gibson and dreamed to have one to play since I was a little child. By having wonderful tuning and let everyone enjoy a fantastic musical world, click here the cheapest price to buy your favourite guitar: Amazon.co.uk


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Like minded music

Here, on my website Themusicgear.com, it is a place to enjoy browsing all types of guitars on-line, sharing on-line shopping experience and meeting people like minded as I like soft rock, jazz and pop music. My favorite singer at the moment is Geroge Ezra.

I would like to hear from you soon, all of you!

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Amazon – best of guitars in the world

Sales, sales and sales…                     


Click here Amazon.co.uk on my website themusicgear.com, you will find a list of guitars in different categories, best offer and good price to pay for. Best Luck.

Do not miss out any offers, sales and good prices for guitars on Amazon on-line sales.

I would also like to hear your comments and reviews. Please let me know it if you need my help. Contact me at any time by email support@themusicgear.com


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Look forward for new deals coming in from Amazon, Ebay, iTunes and Clickbank

I have been in good process of my Wealthy Affiliate (WA) course and enjoyed the experience on the on-line learning and building my own website Themusicgear.com As the year end comes, I am expecting a bigger ever sales every day,as it will be great for all music lovers to have an opportunity to find their favourite music instruments – Guitars on my website when the sales starts on Amazon.co.uk Ebay iTunes and Clickbank

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I’m back

Hi every one I’m back. I’ve been away from my business cause of family illness but I’m back to work now.

And please leave any comments in comments box available about my website and ask any questions if you need anything let me know.

Take care and chat soon.

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A great choice!

Dear ladies and gents

Here through my website you will find the best deals with Amazon  Ebay  iTunes and clickbank  Here

So, come on, buy something you won’t regret it and thanks so much for visiting take care back soon.

On iTunes you will find all the best tunes you want to download and buy so get going guys. Have fun.

I’m here if you need anything.

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My music store

Please buy your wanted musical equipments from my music links for Amazon  Ebay and  iTunes. Also clickbank   Here

On these websites you will find best deals going than any other stores or in the High Street.

Also, you will see the pictures of musical equipments you want to buy. And their prices some are reduced and used items in great condition. There are brand new stuffs on these websites as well.

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Products review

Hey I truely believe if you try this website read about my life and look at all the information here at themusicgear.com you will find every thing to know about funding the music products you want and you will definetly love it here and you guys need to click the links to eBay, Amazon and iTunes  also in clickbank   Here  it will be so cool to find the music products you’ve always loved to play or you always wanted to do and you will see you will go along way to finding the right product so please click the links to all the sites many thanks.

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Amazon home link

Here is the Amazon.co.uk





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