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Hey welcome to my page please have a read of these topics. 


Firstly I like to say that I love to find music equipment to play with or make music here. You will find out why I love music so much that I want to help my customers and followers to decide on my music website of what to purchase for yourself or friends or family. I will do my very best to always help those people less fortunate or anyone that will always need me for anything that’s to do with music.


My second idea is to give away my secrets to making money through my website for like signing up to affiliate websites for music. Only here you can see how to access the websites that I love to find and get exclusive stuff for your future online websites. And how to be a great business seller and earn a fantastic income starts off small but with enough traffic that’s the potential customer who will buy from your website and then hopefully they will help you make more money by sharing your website with family friend or even on social media like Facebook etc.. For those of you that have always dreamed of owning a beautiful villa or a Gorgeous boats and your dream houses and apartments by making music online also on the link in another page, you’ll be able to see the Amazon and eBay and iTunes and clickbank  Here affiliate site where I earn my money from. So, could you if you prove yourself wrong if you have found about your talents you have.


It is my third ideas to play music on my website just by back ground music to ease stress of deep thoughts about looking for right music for you to buy. Also there is plenty of slides and picture and testimonies of customers who have brought music through my website. It is so good to have a website like mine because here you can enjoy your ad and have a play around the site to see which instruments you would be best suited to and play.


And next is putting YouTube videos on my website to show how to play the instruments or how to set up like your equipment and with the cables or to watch some one teaching viewers to read the music on song sheets, or teach you those songs you’ve always wanted to play either on your own or with a band and to show off in front of family and friends to have a lot of fun and enjoyment where you can learn new music just by seeing the song sheets.

You will find on my beautiful website and also look out for new stuff each on a monthly bases.


Conclusion is to help you all out and give you ideas and making decisions on music equipment to buy or to play at home or in your nightclubs or for those who like to play your music in bars that you have made either in a recording studio.

I am a big friendly person love to help people all the time and adore those that adore me lots too. Please take a look at any of my listings and pictures but really think of those that love you to buy them an instrument or any of those young or older people that I had always liked to make some or playing some music in front of those friends or family members and to show off your skills or do in your room or garage so enjoy and chill with the music. Oh and there could be competitions in future so keep checking out my website hope you have alot of fun on here which you will you’ll see at the end of your trip here.

Thank you for reading this. Any questions, please look at my contact details below. Many thanks again.

Best regards


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I am 36 years old and live in uk and I am in to the music scene love it so much that I have set up a music affiliate website selling on-line all type of instruments and DJ equipments through Amazon on-line website.

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  1. Yes, Nicholas, these are great ideas to make money people would love to learn how to play instruments. And I think putting videos on here to show them how would be great. Maybe showing them instruments to buy also.

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